My First Time

My first time with a computer. Well as you could guess I was somewhat scared.

I mean there we were alone. I really had no idea what I was doing. I mean first I had to turn it on and get it warmed up. That is on of the trickiest stages, you could do something wrong and the whole night is ruined.

Then it all depends on if you hit the buttons right way. Too hard the results could be harmful, too soft it would respond at all. Then there is always the problem of keeping your mind on what our doing and not trying to jump ahead. some computers really don't like that sort of thing and your stuck trying to fix the probelm. Only to realize that your not going to get any further. Then while you have to think of protection you really don't want to pick up a virus or another problems that may occur later.

then after finishing up you need to bring everything down slow. Taking your time too pay attention to the small details, or else it forgets everything as if it never happened, but now that I've done it I could spend hours doing it and sometimes more than once a day.

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