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Information Technology has long been the proprietary domain of “nerds” and “geeks”. Well, here at long last, is a page devoted to those folk who have long been neglected and relegated to the back page. Yes, it’s a web page devoted to the history and evolution of computer trivia, jokes, pictures, stories and just general fun and mayhem…techy style!

Here you will find a bit of fun dedicated to those mischief makers of Microsoft , the barbarians of byte, the cretins of Cisco, stressed out I.T. folks, and much more! Yep, there are plenty of stories here from folk who have been both sides of the battle lines so there’s a little sum-thing for everyone. There are tales here from everyone from techs to teachers, from punks to professionals, and if you don’t see your story here… that’s no problem… Contact me and I'll add it!

Yes, that’s right, feel free to leave your mark on the information super highway as something other than roadkill! Go ahead and submit your funnies and pictures and we’ll do what we can to let everyone else out there know that they aren’t alone. Everyone has had some sort of run-in with a computer, whether they want to punch it in the monitor or just have a bit of fun with some ancient flash (sadly, flash is mostly dead -- RIP Viking Kitties)

Take a look around, and don’t forget to click on a little bit of everything… you never know what you’ll find… whether it’s 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits or a byte!

ps Not ONLY have I upgraded this site into .NET 8, it's Blazor-ized (server-side) too!!

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