About me and this website

When I started down this path of programming and web design, one of the classes required a website. Most people did personal family pic websites but I wanted to be different.

At the time of creation, there really wasn't much "fun" stuff available other than basic text files and IRC and good old basic HTML sites. My very first website is that old family pics, stories and about me embarrasing stuff. I stole the javascript and the html from other pages because that is how you did it in the 90s. Even now, they tell you "don't recreate the wheel" so I don't.

My instructor loved my website. He gushed about it and shared it with all of his co-workers. *wry grin* I dared to be different and it was awesome! Eventually, of course, I graduated so my fun website was going to go away. I decided to purchase a domain and moved my class project to it's very own home. Here we are!

Over 20 years later (SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!) It has grown. It has gone from html to htm to .net (aspx) to MVC and now, as of 2023, it is Blazor.

Welcome to my Tech Fun on the Web:

2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits A BYTE!

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