What is with these ancient machines?

Basic web creation thoughts

by Ray Hayes

Well.... To be truthful, the basic things in websites that I like most are an easy user interface.

The site must have an easy navigation, such that there it is almost impossible to get lost in it.

Any website should have a decent "news" section, wherein the site displays various news about updates and possible downtime (things like that), easily seen at the home page where all incoming traffic first comes into the site...

General features would also include a section of some sort that would allow visitors/members (whatever the site is built for, free of "membership") to leave suggestions/comments about the site. Possible improvements...

Pop Ups

And the biggest thing possible... A way to keep your site to a pop-up minimum. Pop-ups suck. Literally. They suck bandwidth and they suck cookies (the internet kind). The less you have plaguing your site, the better. I know of a few ways to keep cookies off of something (theoretically), but I'd take it up with a professional...

All that is just general things that I want to see on a website. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. There's probably more, but, eh. This is a good start, right? Right.